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World Building and Story Development
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World Building, Cultural Development

This is about culture. Culture is about human (or non-human) function and behavior. Sometimes the culture isn't very nice, sometimes its to nice. Culture encompasses all those things about living that are not absolutely biological, such as heart rate or breathing.

Culture is US! Its who we are and what we do. There are several aspects to culture but I primarily choose to cover those that are needed heavily for story building as the other aspects are just a part of the initial 3.

These are the Primary Aspects:
Language, Religion, Government

In a more advanced form these are the aspects of Culture and Subculture:
Language, Age, Gender, Religion, Political, Interest, Familial Situation, Interests

Here are some basic Culture for you to work on and decided on for a story:

Arts and Entertainment - how people express themselves for fun or for creative purposes.

Architecture - how things are build, how they look, and why.

Calendar - how time is segmented and understood by the people.

Climate - the climate of a given area.

Crime and the Legal System - how the law, crimes, civil disputes, etc are handled.

Daily Life - how people live and interact.

Diet - what people do and don't eat.

Eating Customs - what people do and don't do during different eating times

Education - what is the amount of education for the people and how they get this education

Fashion and Dress - how people dress, how this changes, and how this affects society.

Foreign Relations - how a particular people deal with other peoples.

Gestures - what gestures and body language are and aren't allowed and how it is controlled.

Government - what type of government and how it operates.

Greeting and Meeting - the norms for greeting each other and how meetings are managed.

History - the history of a given area or history overall.

Language - see the section dedicated to language on this site.

Magic and Magicians - how magic is in the zone.

Magic and Technology - self explanatory

Medicine - what medicines do the people have, how do they get them, what is and isn't allowed, etc.

People and Customs - what kinds of values and behaviors can be found with the people. Their ethics and ideas as well.

Politics - how it functions in the society.

Population - what are the dynamics of the population.

Religion and Philosophy - see the section of the site dedicated to this subject.

Rules of Magic - if you have magic, you have to have how the system works.

Rural Factors - how the lives of farmers and the roads are.

Science and Technology - how advanced is their technology, how science is in the society.

Transportation and Communication - how does people, things, and information get transmitted throughout the zone.

Urban Factors - how people live and work in the city.

Visits - what are the customs for visiting friends, acquaintances, strangers, enemies.

War - how and why is war conducted.

Wizards - how and what wizards are and do.

For an advanced workup for each nation and an in depth questionair for culture, see Patricia C Wrede's link the the Links section.

Below are links to my sections on culture.

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