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World Building and Story Development
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Personal Information and Interestes

Candybar Dollmaker Version of Me
Me Me Me Me Me

I am a 32 years old.

A Libra to the core.

I am very big around and very short.

I dye my hair blonde (the pic above needs updating). I have blue-gray eyes and wear glasses.

I love to wear dresses.

Oh, I am very much a big who doesn't care if you think I'm y or not cause I am y to me. FYI I finally admitted to everyone that I have been goth for 17 years. Trying to hide myself from myself is very very stupid and I stopped doing it.

I was born in Chicago. I went to school in Eagan MN, Farmington MN, Lakeville MN, Apple Valley MN, Little Rock AR, and England AR. I went to college at UAPB (university of arkansas pine bluff) and at ASU (arkansas state university)

I am a/n: (my interests are)
Wiccan (and proud of it)
Myth Student
Philosophy Student
History Fan
Amature Fantasy Writer
World Builder Fan
Fantasy Reader
Romance Reader
Historical Romance Reader
Computer User

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies or movie series:

Star Trek, Underworld, Blade, Carrie's War, Harry Potter, Resident Evil

Here's a list of some of my favorite music , Some is pagan some is not. :

Inkubus Sukkubus, Saliva, Seether, Nickleback, Rob Zombie, Lacuna Coil, Daughtry, 30 Seconds to Mars, In This Moment, Drain STH, Godsmack, Linkin Park, Arch Enemy, DIsturbed, Evanescence, Michelle Branch, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Anything Pagan That Rocks, anything that rocks really!!!

My Diary

My Dolls

The Youtube Videos I Like

Anything to say? Questions?
Email me at
or my space me at ciarinegadrine. .