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World Building and Story Development
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Cultural Types

There are several types of Cultures. Each one with its benefits and draw backs. They are:

Hunter-gatherers (Foraging societies)
This is a culture of the group. They are constantly on the move in search of food and shelter. They generally have a series of places they go to in a cycle. This group tends to be matrilineal by decent but patriarchal by function. They are defined by their gender roles. Women gather, men hunt. Meat is not a daily part of the diet but when it is brought in it is shared and the tribe all gets a share. Elders are very important to this group as they are the wise ones. The elders have survived and their knowledge is passed on because they succeeded where many failed.

Pastoralists (Herders)
This is a culture of the group. They are on the move and the animals are as important as the people to the group. This group tends toward a more patriarchal pattern. The person with the most clout is the person with the most animals. This group generally does not eat the meat of their animals because slaughter of an animal is a waste. The generally drink the milk and of the animals and eat cheese and butter made from the milk. This is a very nomadic culture as they follow their animals where they go for food. They have gender roles but these roles are not as definitive as in other culture types. Elders are important, but not so important that an elder that is a severe drain on the group is not left behind.

Horticulturalists (Subsistence Agriculture)
This is a group where sons and men are most important. The family farms a small area of land for the food to feed them. There is rarely any food to sell. The land is tilled by a hoe or a stick and this is the least damaging of the farming cultures. These people tend to live in family groups smaller than tribes and they do not marry with their individual group. A Woman often move to the family group of the husband and gives her allegiance there. Most products are made within the group and very little trade is engaged in.

Intensive Agriculturalists (Large Scale Farmers)
These are the farmers as we know them today. They till large tracks of land to grow food to sell. They are patriarchal and patralinial in all respects and sons to help in the fields are most important. These people work the land using plows and everyone helps with harvest and planting. These are the cultures that develop trade networks with industrial societies. It is these societies that have the where with all to develop cities and mercantilism.

Industrial Societies (Factories)
These are the factory societies. Depending on the amount of technological development, women may or may not be on an equal footing with men. Most of the work in these societies can be done by either gender and gender roles are blurred or lost. Family is traced by both lines of descent. Leisure becomes an active aspect of this level of society as people are no longer tied to the land. Travel becomes a pleasure not a necessity. Health raises in this society until pollution becomes extreme then health diminishes to levels consistent with pastoral societies

Post-industrial Societies (Technological)
These are your technological societies. They have moved on to factories operated by machines and robots. These societies rely on technology for almost everything. Their food and natural fabrics are grown and made in societies that are less developed. Sometimes these societies become parasites on less developed societies. Men and women are equal in these societies. Descent is trace by both parents normally and who your parents were rarely affects your place in society.

** Sometimes a factor in a culture makes the normal rules for a society apply differently. For example: a post industrial society that sprang up in a place where women are not allowed outside the home may still not allow women any independence despite the fact that there is nothing physical preventing women from working.

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