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World Building and Story Development
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Nations and Cultures

Here are some basic decisions to make as an over all rule before getting in depth with its culture.

Remember though, some nations have several cultures and each one needs to be identified and specified for a more accurate presentation of each nation.

Name of the Nation

Location on the planet

Its size


Government type

Culture type.

Law code determination

Earth culture most similar to....

Cultural paradigm

Example from my world:

Name of the Nation Po'ar

Location on the planet Northwestern part of continent of Andral

Its size Moderately large (500 miles east to west)

Population A few hundred thousand

Government type Monarchy

Culture type Low Tech, but clean

Law code determination The Local Lord's Whim

Earth culture most similar to....Medieval / Byzantium

Cultural paradigm Class preseince, Personal Status

Here is how I keep track of the environment of each of my nations. With this you can explain a lot about an area.

Environmental Impact Explanation

Nation Name:
Section of nation:
Summer average high
Summer extreme high:
Summer average low:
Summer extreme low:
Winter average high:
Winter extreme high:
Winter average low:
Winter extreme low:
Yearly average rainfall:
Year highest rainfall:
Year lowest rainfall:
Dry season average rainfall:
Dry season highest rainfall:
Dry season lowest rainfall:
Wet season average rainfall:
Wet season highest rainfall:
Wet season lowest rainfall:
Polar air mass movement:
Temperate air mass movement:
Equatorial air mass movement:
Vegetation type:
Insect level:
Small animal level:
Large animal level:
Volcanic activity level:
Volcanic eruption average intensity:
Volcanic eruption highest intensity:
Volcanic eruption lowest intensity:
Earthquake activity level:
Earthquake average intensity:
Earthquake highest intensity:
Earthquake lowest intensity:
Cultivated plants for consumption:
Animals raised for consumption
Animals raised for dairy production:
Animals hunted and trapped:
Area exports:
Area Imports:
Disasters that occur in region commonly:
Disasters that occur in region uncommonly:

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