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World Building and Story Development
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Culture Aspect: Religion

All societies have a religion, even if its atheism.

There are several things to consider when working a religion together.

1. Many gods or one god.

2. Go through the list below and make your decisions.
A. Cast of Characters - Who is in the game.
B. Mythical Creatures - What kinds of creatures are there, population, and attributes.
C. The Myths - What are the myths and what do they mean.
D. Strife - What is the source of strife in this religion.
E. Magic System - Does it have a magic system and if so, how does it operate.
F. Family Tree - Most pantheons have a family tree showing how all the gods are related.
G. Divinity - What is the nature of divinity.

Note: You may want to stick to the KISS (Keep It Simple Silly)principle...IE no more than 16 gods overall.

Please see my religion template at the bottom of the page.

Why would I mention calendars here, well, many calendars derive from religions. Most religions have an astrology based on the stars, hence the need to cement your astronomy. From there you get the signs based on patterns in the stars. Then you get the dates and all based on planetary, lunar, and solar movements in the sky.

Things to consider:

Length of a Year

Number of Signs

What do the signs mean

What are the sign's symbols in the sky

What is the value of each sign

Where are they placed in the year

How many months a year

How long is each month

With these things decided you can make your calendars.

Additional Considerations are as follows:

How are years dated

How many years have there been

When does the calendar start

What day is New Years

What are years called

One other detail, Calendars change between religions because they rely on different dates. If your going to have more than one religion and/or calendar, decide the main base one before you date all the birth dates, important event dates, and the like.

Below is MY calendar for the "Napani" religion. It is the main calendar used in business. It has 16 months. 368 days. It starts at the winter solstice in the north. 0 year is the year the last big meteor struck the planet. The current year is 6336.


This is the Andini Calendar. It has the same number of days and it begins the same time as the Napani calendar. It has 14 months related to 14 virtues and 14 meanings. This calendar begins at year zero the day the religion was declared which was 3532 years ago.


Religion Template

Religion Name:

Population of Followers:
Number of Gods*:
Who are the Gods:

What are the sacred days:

What does the divine family tree look like:

What are the myths:

What are the holy verses:

What is the nature of divinity:

What is the source of strife amongst these gods:

For Each Deity, Make one of these sections:
Sacred Day:
Miscellany Myth:

*Limit the number of Gods to 16 or less for sake of ease.


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