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World Building and Story Development
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Point of View

There are several points of view but one should always stick to the same one throughout the story. Unless one would like to leave readers confused.

1st Person Omnicent: This is the one where the reader is telling what happened whether they were there or not. This s the one where a person is telling the story from the future of the events indicated after talking with others to get the information.

1st Person limited: This is where the main character and the narrorator are the same. This is in the present tense.

2nd person: This is the "You did this, You did that" Like someone is telling you something you didn't know you did. Choose Your Own Adventure is a good version of this.

3rd Person Limited Inside: This is where the narrorator is a part of the story telling the story.

3rd Person Limited Outside: This is where the narrorator is outside the story but is only telling what they heard.

3rd Person Omnicent Outside: This is a person who is not in the story that knows everything but had no part. Most stories are done this way.

3rd Person Omincent Inside: This is someone who know everytyhing that happened but was involved with the story somehow, but not as a major character.

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