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World Building and Story Development
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10 Aspects of a Story

I got this from David Eddings from his book "The Riven Codex" Since I am a detail oriented person this made sense to me. He gives a 20 page lecture in the book that any writer, and especially a fantasy writer; should read.

10 Aspects of a story.

1. The Religion:
Pagan, Montheistic, Polytheism, Atheism

2. The Quest:
The whole reason for the story

3. The magic thingamajiggy
Why your out and about or what helps you out (Can be more than one)

4. The hero(ine)
The main lead person doing things.

5. The wizard (Sorceress)
The wise person who helps your main character out)

6. The hero(ine)
The love of your lead character. Can be alive or

7. The villian
This one is obvious. The one trying to stop your character.

8. The Companions
These are the helpers of your character on their quest.

9. The Hero(ines)
These are the spouses and loves of your companions. May have a large or lesser role.

10. The governments of the world
Just what it says. These are the places and the rules your character has to deal with on the quest.

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