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World Building and Story Development
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Government Template

Government Template

1. What types of Government are there?

2. Who Rules?

3. Who are the key players?

4. How many people are in the Government?

5. How powerful is the government?

6. How stable is the government?

7. What percentage of the population has an active role?

8. How is the government administered?

9. How do the government and the military interact?

10. How long has this government been in power?

11. How much control does the government exert over trade?

12. How much control does the government exert of religion?

13. Over daily life?

14. What kind of treaties does this government have?

15. How well educated are the members of this government?

16. How does the government handle local disputes?

17. How just or corrupt are the officials or the judges?

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