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World Building and Story Development
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My Diary

9 -25 - 09
I finally got someplace where I can actually access this section to update. More updates and additions will be coming and anything needing deleting will be done. But not today.
I turned 32 today. I was in IL for awhile, back in AR. Hope things improve soon.
Finally got back on the net. Whew. Don't know whats next. Might offer to build worlds for writers and gamers for a fee. Might be a fun job that. Probably will be on a little more often now.

Updated my info about me page a little. Living out of bags and baskets while money is saved to move to Dallas. If my friend abandons me before we leave I'll just walk to that stinkin town or to houston. Don't wanna stay in this little podunk town I AM in.
No internet access at home. Can't use the library. I found a computer at the college I COULD get on though if I get here early enough. I can do SOME stuff on this college computer but not alot. no "spacemy" access here though so can't communicate that way. Hohum. Oh well.  Will try to keep on this a little more. PLEASE make recomendations for changes so I CAN make this site better.
Turn 31 tommorrow. Got a new car. Yes, yes, yes! Going to enjoy my day.
Working on the language. trying to go for one between 15 and 20 thousand words. Try, trying tried being three words so that prefixes and suffixes become additions to create different words. I'm gonna start with an around 4,000 word vocabulary as well as an object and material list and an adjectives list. I also have to do this twice. Completed the phonology and the gramatica for both languages though. As for life....summer and its boring boring boring.
I hate being a girl sometimes, I really do. I haven't done much to the site as I am working on the story I am writing and I don't have much access to the computer. I do have a myspace page which I don't get to access often either. I will add many templates for cultural development when I finish them.


I have updated things on this site just not added to the diary. I'm staying on a farm so getting to the net can be hard at times. I'm going to add some templates for the culture section later. Living on a farm and doing okay is okay but it can be kinda long, drawn out, and boring.


I have a place to live thats better than where I was before and they want less money from me. I am doing really REALLY much better. I am losing weight again and will soon be under 200 pounds. I will work on finishing the site later as things progress. I will also add more videos and more of the story development work. Ta ta for now! :-)


Okay, I added videos to a page when I found out I could do so with the site builder I use. WOOHOO!!!! I'm gonna end up homeless by the week's end unless a miracle happens cause some bull that happened at the apartment where I stay and cause this stupid town doesn't have any freakin jobs. Bummer! It does but no one wants to hire a morbidly overweight red head. (I only weigh 200 pounds but it looks rather big at only 5'0" tall.) Since I died my hair red though I started to get interview calls....which is a lot more than I used to get. about the 15th I am gonna try again to apply for jobs cause my old applications will have expired then. Screw people who judge on appearances without getting to know people. Thats one thing we shouldn't do. I'm also getting tired of the uber christians. always telling me "have faith it will see you through" no faith in no god is gonna put a roof over my head or food in my belly or it would not have *$%@ed me so hard as of now. Forget it. I'm on a rant today so I am gonna shut this down.


I started the redo already. I deleted the old site (and lost 2 pages I forgot to copy so I had to redo them completely) and started to do this site. I like it much better. I think it is much better organized and the navigation bar isn't cluttering and taking up half the dang page. You can't redo whether a page is in the navigation bar and you can't delete a page so I just made sure to do it better the first time this time. we had snow today and will have a little more later today. I haven't gotten any email in a week....wonder what I did? Maybe I was just to much a smart alec. FYI I found out if I cuss here the web filter stops me from accessing a page. I'm gonna do all I can today and finish either tomorrow or during the weekend or Monday, whenever I get back to the net. Have a good weekend!


Well, I've been updating, adding, and correcting. I'll try to keep making additions and changes to make this site better. I may just trash whats been done and redo it all again after saving the info used. If so it won't be till next week and everything on the site (just about) will be retained.

Ciarine Gadrine


Yeah, Yeah, I've been gone for a year. First I didn't have access to a computer that could load the site. Then I left my husband to start my life over. I don't seem to be doing a good job of restarting but I finally got to where I can do computer stuff again. I forgot all about this site till my cousin mentioned it yesterday. I also have a spacemy (backwards cause the net filter blocks space pages) page I think. try "ciaringadrine. . " I'm getting back into all this after 12 months of hell from the no computer thing and then the separation thing. Dang, life can be rough.

Changing to Ciarine Gadrine from Brientara


New year new nothing else. SSDD. I was going to put those dolls up but guess computer crashed and I had viruses I have no clue how I got them. Thatw as after reloading windows. I had to secure erase the whole drive. Now I have no OS at home. I will have to wait until I get an OS to do more on the dolls. I plan to put me on the site later. I'll update some of the info later.


Left it alone for a little while. Thinking about ading a page for the dolls I make (not adoptable) that are kinda like snapshots of my story characters. I didn't get SSI, you got to be bad in one area only. You can't have a bunch of things mixing to make you unable to work. No one or nothing I have done here seems to be getting out but thats okay. I can refer people when I am doing things.


Going to ship some paperwork to SSI. We're getting internet at home this friday. Its going to be 80 frickin bucks. Thats way too much for a hook up. Well, I had 28 viruses when I first was given my computer, now it only has 4. I'm getting other virus programs to help my poor computer. The previous owner abused it rather badly.


Wanting to add today. Going to do search engine submission. Maybe I'll do a few sections containing examples of MY work. Search engine submission is a pain in the rear end. Saw a doctor yesterday and he didn't do a darn thing. Got a call today asking me what the doctor DID do. I woke me up. Blach. My wrist got so sore from playing HOMM3 I had to quit. I might be getting carple tunnel. I'll add next week when I have my stuff on my usb key.


I am contemplating editing my character building page. I saw a doctor from Asia today and he didn't do squat, say squat, or ask me no questions. He ain't a bad doctor because he is from asia though, its cause he's just to weak to do the job right. I got a computer at home now, so I am playing a lot.


Added my avatar and looks around a bit. I managed to publish this darn thing. Going to list it at witchvox. Haven't decided whether to add a section dedicated to my world or not.


I added to mapping and Links. I completed my language section. Not much left to do to this site.


I am half way finished with the site. I am going to work at home on some of the templates I still need to write.


I started this world building site. I hope it helps people out. I just want the stuff I used to be findable again. Most old links for world building are gone.

Anything to say? Questions?
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or my space me at ciarinegadrine. .