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World Building and Story Development
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Prefixes and Suffixes

You can take your prefixes and suffixes from below. Add them to the words of your language to make a far more complex language. The ones below are for the english language. The prefixes are in alphabetical order. The suffixes are in alphabetical order but are organized by "noun" "Verb" "adjective" and "adverb". If there are some you know that I missed, email them to me for addition to the list.

a-, ac-, ad-, af-, ag-, al-, an-, ap-, as-, at- to, toward, near, in addition to
aside (adverb): to or toward the side
a + side
accompany (verb): to go with someone as a companion
ac + com + pan + y
adjust (verb): to correct, to move closer to a correct position
ad + just
affix (verb): to attach to something, to fasten
af + fix
aggression (noun): hostile behavior towards someone or something
ag + gress + ion
allocate (verb): to distribute to specific people or for specific purposes
al + loc + ate
annihilate (verb): to destroy
an + nihil + ate
associate (verb): to join with
as + soci + ate
attend (verb): to look after, to go to
at + tend
a-, an- not, without
apolitical (adjective): without interest in politics
a + polit + ic + al
anemia (noun): the condition (disease) of not having enough red cells
an + em + ia
ab-, abs- away from, off
abrupt (adjective): unexpected change
ab + rupt
absolve (verb): to be set free from one's actions or obligations
ab + solve
ante- before
anterior (adjective): before or near the front
ante + rior
anti- against
antipathy (noun): dislike, opposite feeling
anti + path + y
auto- self
automotive (adjective): related to self-propelled machines
auto + mot + ive
bi- two
biped (noun): a two-footed animal
bi + ped
biennial (adjective): happening every two years bi + enni + al
cat-, cata-, cath- down, with
category (noun): a class or set to which a thing belongs
cate + gor + y
catalogue (noun): a book or pamphlet that lists and describes
cata + log + ue
catheter (noun): a medical device used to tranfer fluids cath +eter
circum- around
circumvent (verb): to manage to get around a situation
circum + vent
co-, cog-, col-, com-, con-, cor together, with
cohesiveness (noun): the ability to stick together
co + hes + ive + ness
cognate (adjective): related, similar in nature
cog + nate
collaborate (verb): to work together
col + lab + or + ate
commitment (noun): to entrust, to put into a place
com + mit + ment
convenient (adjective): handy, nearby
con + veni + ent
correct (verb): to set right, to be right
cor + rect
contra- against, opposite
contradict (verb) to state the opposite
contra + dict
de- to do the opposite, to take away from
decrease (verb): to grow smaller, to become less
de + cre + ase
di-, dif-, dis- apart, separate, two, opposite, not
divide (verb): to separate into two or more parts
di + vide
differ (verb): to be unlike
dif + fer
dis- not, opposite of, exclude
distrust (verb): to have no confidence or trust
dis + trust
e-, ex- out, out of, from
emit (verb) to send out
e + mit
expel (verb): to force out ex + pel
en-, em- put into
enamor (verb): to cause to love, to "put" someone "into" love
en + am + + or
empower (verb): to give power, to put into power em + pow + er
epi-, upon, beside, over
epilogue (noun): the concluding section of a play or literary work
epi + logue
extra- beyond
extraordinary (adjective): going beyond normal
extra + ordin + ary
il-, im-, in-, ir, not, in
illegible (adjective): cannot be read
il + leg + ible
imposter (noun): someone who poses as someone else
im + post + er
inaction (noun): lack of motion, idle
in + act + ion
irresolute (adjective): uncertain about hot to act, undecided, not having a solution
ir + re + solute
in-, im-, il- in, into
instead (adverb): in place of, an alternative
in + stead
import (verb): to bring into a country from another country
im + port
inter- between, among
interject (verb): to throw something (usually a comment) between other things
inter + ject
intro- into
introspection (noun): to look into one's own thoughts and feelings
intro + spect + ion
mal- bad
malfunction (noun): when something does not work properly
mal + funct + ion
mis- wrong
misconduct (noun): wrong doing, bad behavior
mis + con + duct
mono- one
monologue (noun): a dramatic performance or speech given by one actor
mono + logue
multi- many
multiply (verb): to increase in number
multi + ply
non- not, no
nonsense (noun): something that has no meaning or makes no sense
non + sense
ob-, oc-, of-, op- toward, against, in the way
obtain (verb): to gain or get, to get a hold of
ob + tain
occur (verb): to happen, to come to mind
oc + cur
offer (verb): to attempt to give, to propose, to try to hand out
of + fer
oppose (verb): to be against, to stand in the way of something
op + pose
over- excessive, above
overwork (verb): to have too much work
over + work
para- beside
paradox (noun): a statement that seems true and contradictory at the same time
para + dox
per- through
persecute (verb): to go after, to pursue
per + secute
post- after
postpone (verb): to put off to a later time, to delay
post + pone
pre- before
precede (verb): to go before, to come in front of
pre + cede
pro- for, foward
propel (verb): to push forward
pro + pel
re- back, again
readmit (verb): to allow in again
re + ad + mit
retro- backward
retrospect (noun) to look back at past events
retro + spect
se- apart, move away from
secede (verb): to withdraw from an organization
se + cede
semi- half
semiannual (adjective): occurring twice a year
semi + annu + al
sub-, suc-, suf-, sup-, sur-, sus under, beneath, near, from below, secretly, above, up
submarine (adjective): underwater
sub + mar + ine
succeed (verb): to do well, to come after
suc + ceed
suffice (verb): to be enough
suf + fice
support (verb): to hold up, too keep up
sup + port
survive (verb): to live, to live through something, to exist
sur + vive
sustain (verb): to keep up, to hold up,
sus + tain
super- over, above
superimpose (verb): to place something on top of something else
super + im + pose
syn-, sym- together, at the same time
synchronous (adjective): happening at the same time
syn + chron + ous
sympathy (noun): sharing another person's feelings, compassion
sym + path + y
trans- across, beyond, change
transform (verb): to change shape
trans + form
tri- three
tripod (noun): a three-legged stand
tri + pod
un- not, against, opposite
unceasing (adjective): never ending, continuous
un + ceas + ing
uni- one
uniform (adjective): having the same form or consistancy
uni + form
Nouns perform the function of naming. Nouns name persons, places animals or things, as well as groups, ideas and qualities. In a sentence, nouns can be subjects, objects, or appositives.
-acy, -cy
Noun: state or quality
privacy: the state of being alone
priv + acy
infancy: the state of being a baby or young child
in + fan + cy
Noun: activity, or result of action
courage : having the spirit to overcome fear
cour + age
Noun: action, result of action
referral : the action of directing a person to another place, person or thing
re + ferr + al
Noun: person
artisan : a craftsperson
arti + san
-ance, -ence
Noun: action, state, quality or process
resistance : the action of opposing something
re + sist + ance
independence: the state of not being under the control of others, free, self-governing
in + de + pend + ence
-ancy, -ency
Noun: state, quality or capacity
vacancy : an empty room or position
vac + ancy
agency: the capacity to exert power or influence, a position or person that performs a function
ag + ency
-ant, -ent
Noun: an agent, something that performs the action
disinfectant : an agent that destroys germs, somthing that cleans
dis + in + fect + ant
dependent: a thing supported by another, a thing determined by another
de + pend + ent
Noun: state, office, fuction
candidate : a person nominated for an office or position
candid + ate
Noun: action, resulting state
specialization : the result of being distinguished by one quality or ability
spec + ial + iz + ation
Noun: place, state of being
wisdom : possessing knowledge
wis + dom
-er, -or
Noun: person or thing that does something
porter : a person who carries things
port + er
collector: a person who collects or gathers things
col + lect + or
Noun: an amount or quanity that fills
mouthful : an amount that fills the mouth
mouth + ful
-ian, an
Noun: related to, one that is
pedestrian : a person who walks
ped + estr + ian
human: a person
hum + an
Noun: names, diseases
phobia : an illogical fear of something
phob + ia
Noun: art of healing
psychiatry : branch of medicine that deals with the mind and emotions
psych + iatry
-ic, ics
Noun: related to the arts and sciences
arithmetic : a branch of math that usually deals with non-negative numbers
arithm + et + ic
economics: the social science related to studying business
eco + nom + ics
Noun: act
malice : the desire to do evil
mal + ice
Noun: material made for, activity, result of an activity
flooring : a material made for floors
floor + ing
swimming: the activity of swimming or moving through water
swim(m) + ing
building: the result of making a structure
build + ing
Noun: condition or action
abduction : the action of carrying someone away by force
ab + duct + ion
Noun: doctrine, belief, action or conduct
formalism : a belief in sticking to prescribed forms or artistic styles
form + al + ism
Noun: person or member
podiatrist : a foot doctor
pod + iatr + ist
Noun: product or part
graphite : a black material used in making pencils
graph + ite
-ity, ty
Noun: state or quality
lucidity : clear thinking
luc + id + ity
novelty: something new or unusual
nov + el + ty
Noun: condition
native : a person born in a specific place
nat + ive
Noun: condition or result
document : an official paper usually showinf proof or evidence of something
docu + ment
Noun: state, condition, quality
kindness : the quality of being kind or nice
kind + ness
Noun: condition or activity
valor : bravery, courage
val + or
Noun: place for, serves for
territory : an area around a place
territ + ory
Noun: status, condition
relationship : the state of being related or connected to something or someone
re + lat + ion + ship
Noun: act, condition, process, function
exposure : the condition of being exposed or unprotected
pos + ure
Noun: state, condition, result of an activity
society : companionship
soci + et + y
victory: the result of winning something
vict + or + y
Verbs make statements about nouns, ask questions, give commands, or show states of being. Verbs can be active or passive. Verbs also show tense or time of action.
Verb: cause to be
graduate : to give a degree to, to pass from one stage to the next
gradu + ate
Verb: past tense
attained : something that has been reached or grasped
at + tain + ed
Verb: to cause to become
moisten : to cause to become moist or damp
moist + en
-er, -or
Verb: action
ponder : to think about
pond + er
clamor: to make noise, to call for loudly
clam + or
Verb: cause
specify : to name or indicate in detail
spec + ify
Verb: present participle
depicting : showing, describing with images or pictures
de + pict + ing
Verb: cause
fantasize : to dream about something, to create images in the mind
fant + as + ize
Verb: conjecture : to come to a conclusion by supposition or guesswork
con + ject + ure
Adjectives describe or modify nouns. Adjectives tell the reader more about the noun used in the sentence.
-able, -ible
Adjective: worth, ability
solvable : able to be solved or explained
solv + able
incredible: not able to be believed, amazing
in + cred + ible
-al, -ial, -ical
Adjective: quality, relation
structural : related to the physical make up of a thing
struct + ure + al
territorial: related to nearby or local areas
territ + or + ial
categorical: related to a category, aboslute
cate + gor + ical
-ant, -ent, -ient
Adjective: kind of agent, indication
important : marked by worth
im + port + ant
dependent: determined or relying upon something else
de + pend + ent
convenient: at hand, easy to use
con + ven + ient
-ar, -ary
Adjective: resembling, related to
spectacular : related to something that is eye-catching or amazing
spectac + ul + ar
unitary : related to units or single groups representing quantities
unit + ary
Adjective: kind of state
inviolate : not disturbed, pure
in + viol + ate
Adjective: having the quality of
terraced : having terraces or steps
terrac + ed
Adjective: material
silken : made from silk, a fiber produced by worms
silk + en
Adjective: comparative
brighter : more light
bright + er
Adjective: superlative
strongest : having the most strength
strong + est
Adjective: having, giving, marked by
fanciful : marked by imagination
fanci + ful
Adjective: quality, relation
generic : related to a whole group
gener + ic
Adjective: having the qualities of
projectile : something thrown with an outside force
pro + ject + ile
Adjective: activity
cohering : the act of sticking together
co + her + ing
Adjective: having the character of
newish : modern, recent
new + ish
-ive, -ative, -itive
Adjective: having the quality of
festive : having the quality of a festival or party
fest + ive
cooperative : being able or willing to work with another person or thing
co + oper + ative
sensitive: easily felt, responsive to the senses
sens + itive
Adjective: without, missing
motiveless : a reason for someone to do something
mot + ive + less
-ous, -eous, -ose, -ious
Adjective: having the quality of, relating to
adventurous : charcterized by the desire to seek new experiences or risks
ad + vent + ur + ous
courageous : characterized by courage, brave
cour + ag + eous
verbose: having more words than needed
verb + ose
fractious: characterized by being difficult or troublesome
fract + ious
Adjective: marked by, having
hungry : having hunger, marked by a desire
hungr + y
Adverbs describe verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.
Adverb: in a manner of, marked by
fourfold : being four times as great
four + fold
Adverb: in the manner of
fluently : marked by ease of movement, effortlessly smooth
flu + ent + ly
Adverb: in a direction or manner
homeward : toward home
home + ward
Adverb: in the manner of, with regard to
timewise : with regard to time
time + wise

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